1939 – 1997



Sculptures – drawings – graphics






Peter Haden in 1968 – photo by Egon Guenther








Brief CV


Peter Haden was born on 30th April, 1939, in Johannesburg. Obtained B.A. at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg;

from 1960 to 1963 he studied physics at the Oxford University, U.K.; mainly self-taught, began painting from 1960, later sculpting.


He had his own short-lived Art School in Craighall, Johannesburg – The Academy – from 1967 to 1970.


Peter Haden moved to Geneva in 1971 where he married Angela Goldman on 15th December, 1975;

he died in Geneva on 20th December, 1997,  survived by his wife Angela Haden and their children Sarah, Georgina, Eva







Selected Solo and Group Shows



1965 Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg (first solo show) (paintings and sculptures)


1968 Egon Guenther Gallery, Johannesburg (12th November)

("Peter Haden, Hannes Harrs, Sydney Kumalo, Ezrom Legae, Edoardo Villa and the unknown masters of Africa) (small bronzes)


Peter Haden finishing off "Rider", 1968 – photo by Egon Guenther



1969 Egon Guenther Gallery, Johannesburg (two-man show with Cecil Skotnes (21st October)







1971 Redfern Gallery, London ("Summer Show") (June)

(including "Double Heads" in bronze, illustrated in The Star, Johannesburg - 24th April, 1971)


1972 Galerie Motte, Geneva (3rd to 20th October)

1973 Galerie Motte, 22 Rue Bonaparte, Paris 6ème (27th February to 16th March) (Sculptures in bronze and jewellery)


1973 Palais de l'Athénée, Geneva (24th May to 22nd June) (sculptures and drawings)*


1975 Peter Haden moved to the art of calligraphy, subsequently he made a series of bronze sculptures based

on the Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and Latin alphabet.


1976 Galerie 40, Geneva ("Peter Haden - sculpture: the variations on two forms", 1976) (27th January)


1976 Galerie Arta, Geneva / Galerie Didale, Geneva (1st April) (sculptures) (two-man show with Louis Soutter)


1980 The Achim Moeller Gallery, London, exclusively represented him then

(Protector, 1970, bronze on the gallery's single-side visiting card)


1980 Galerie Patrick Cramer, Geneva ("Elementary Knowledge") (lithos) (20th March/30th April)


1982 Galerie Patrick Cramer, Geneva ("Elementary Knowledge - a story of the Arabic alphabet")

(24 sculptures and over 100 drawings) (22nd April to 21st May)


Peter Haden "Sails of Time", 1984 - brass - 37x19 cm




1985 Musée de l'horlogerie et de l'émaillerie - Musée d'Art et d'histoire, Genève

("Profiles of Time" / "Lecture inédite de l'heure") (14th February to 14th March)

(Five sculptures including: Cronos and Demeter, Sails of Time, Performing Time, Another dance to the music of time)


1985 Antiquorum Auctioneers presented the first clock of "Profiles of Time" - Cronos and Demeter - at

the annual European Watch, Clock and Jewellery Fair at MUBA, Basel (11th to 18th April)



2019 Strauss & Co., Johannesburg - "Peter Haden (1939-1997): Almost Forgotten" (8th to 29th July)


2019 Welgemeend, Cape Town - "Peter Haden (1939-1997): Almost Forgotten" (30th July to 31st August)







Participated in



1969 Transvaal Academy, Johannesburg (Sculpture in Library Gardens and Selborne Hall),

cat 101 (Torso - Plaster of Paris)


1969 "Transvaal Artists '69" Durban Art Gallery, Durban (3rd to 19th October) 

(one of 13 artists selected showing 38 works in total) - cat 7, 8, 9


1974 "Stainless Steel Sculpture Competition" exhibition at the International Building Exhibition,

Milner Park, Johannesburg (August) (entries from 6 selected artists) (maquette for "Inox", 1974, shown)





Peter Haden's maquette for Inox, 1974







Selected Public Sculptures






Peter Haden's "Le jeu", 1975 - aluminium - Parc Boulodrome de la Fontenette, Carouge

(donated by the American Club to the City of Carouge/Geneva on the occasion of the United States Bicentennial in 1975)









Selected Publications and Reviews of Peter Haden's works




ARTLOOK 8, Johannesburg - July, 1967, p.12, illustrated

ARTLOOK 26, Johannesburg - January, 1969, pp. 6/7, illustrated

ARTLOOK 27, Johannesburg - February, 1969, pp. 24/25, illustrated


The Star, Johannesburg - 22nd October, 1969, illustrated

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg (Select Selection) - 29th October, 1969

The Star, Johannesburg - 1st May, 1973, illustrated


"Die Schweiz" Reisezeitschrift - Band 46 (1973), Heft 5 (* listed)


Annuaire International des Ventes 1974 (Peinture-sculpture 1973) (Ed. Mayer, Paris), pp. 1000/1001

(2 bronzes, one of which illustrated)


Gazette des Beaux-Arts, Paris (J. Claye) 1973, p. 15


International Herald Tribune, Paris - 17th/18th February, 1973 (exhibition announcement)


Peter Haden - sculpture: the variations on two forms (Haden) (Galerie 40, Geneva) (1976)


Elementary Knowledge: a story of the creation of the Hebrew Alphabet (Haden) (Galerie Patrick Cramer) (1980)





Elementary Knowledge: a story of the Arabic Alphabet (Haden) (Galerie Patrick Cramer) (1982)






Les Cimaises Romandes - "Les éditions d'art" - No 3 mai 1982 - ill p6


"Art & Artists of South Africa" (Berman) (Balkema), 1970; (revised ed.) 1983 -

ISBN 0 86961 144 5 - pp. 32, 536 (listed as Hayden)


Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York - 31st March, 1985, p. 73


Swiss Scene - News and Views on Switzerland - "Peter Haden and his Time-Telling Sculpture"

cover of No 4 April 1985 + pp. 8+9 - link


Swiss Style Lakeside, Geneva - "The Fisherman"  March 1997 Vol 4 No 3 -

illustrated on cover "this bronze clock sculpture - 15x18 cm ed. 200 (chosen as the

25th anniversary clock of the Clock Museum in Geneva)



"Peter Haden (1939-1997): Almost Forgotten" (Watkins) (Strauss & Co., Johannesburg) (2019) (ill. exhibition catalogue)







Selected early works from South Africa

"Totemic Figure" – bronze 1/10 – signed “PH” – 34.5cm H excluding base – auctioned by Straussonline, Johannesburg – April/May, 2018 - Lot 289

“Animal-like forms” bronze 19cm H auctioned by Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg – 5th June, 2018 – Lot 172

“Reclining figure” bronze ed. 2/10 – 17x61x25 cm including loose marble base - auctioned by Straussonline, Johannesburg – 23rd April, 2014 – Lot 153

“Rain King and Rain Queen”- bronze – 73 cm (K) and 72.5 cm (Q) H excl. base

Auctioned by Strauss, Johannesburg, 12th November, 2018 – Lot 254









Other bronzes sold on auction





“Standing Composition” – bronze 1/6 – auctioned by Galerie Motte, 1st July, 1973 – CHF8’500


“Elongated form” – auctioned by Strauss Johannesburg on 7th November, 2016 – Lot 237 (Prov.: Ruth and Jerome Siegel Collection, New York)


“Reclining figure”- auctioned 29th September, 2014


“The Dancer” – auctioned 11th November, 2008









Selected sculptures in stainless steel from Switzerland








Peter Haden's signature

Illustrated on “Peter Haden – sculpture: the variations on two forms” (Haden) (Galerie 40, Geneva) (1976)



Some of the bronzes were signed with the artist’s interlocking initials PH

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