Bill Slattery


(1929 - 1997)



Sculptures, graphics, paintings, graphic design, art director





Aluminium, 60cm H, lost wax

Untitled, 1985 – Acrylic – 75x90 cm – auctioned on 20th April, 1999 (per Artnet)










Selected Sculptures - addendum

“Abstract Form”, 1973 – colour woodcut – 66x46 cm

auctioned on 6th June, 2006

“Knabe mit Luftballons”, 1959 – colour woodcut – 92x45 cm


Included in „Expansion der Wiener Kunst“ at MUSA Museum Startgalerie Artothek, Wien – 2nd July, 2013 to 4th January, 2014 – ref. 4842

A selection of children’s books designed by Bill Slattery, illustrated in Graphis 84



"Bill Slattery" - Work catalogue 1991/1992 - 84 pp - own publication - printed in Vienna


Dictionary of Monograms I – International List of Monograms in the Visual Arts since 1850 – 2nd ed. (Kähler)

(Walter de Gruyter) 1999 – listed under BS 1012-1014 – ISBN 9783110804539









Selected Paintings and other media

 Graphis 84 – Bill Slattery by Stanley Roberts - pp 358-361 (img. Graphis 84 ©)

“Martin, Pelzig, Reeves, Slattery, Wolf, Wolfe” (1958) (Atlanta Art Institute) (limited ed. 225)

(6 artists presenting 3 double-page graphics in offset or silkscreen)


1995 Vienna - Die Galerie am Salzgries ("Cycles") - 12th September, 1995


2014 - Vienna – MUSA Museum Startgalerie Artothek „Expansion der Wiener Kunst” – 2nd July, 2013 to 4th January, 2014


2016 - Vienna – Galerie Burggasse 21 – 10th August to 10th September







Selected Publications




In South Africa




The Star, Johannesburg – 8th June, 1961 (“Graphic Satire”)


Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 9th June, 1961


Die Vaderland, Johannesburg (9th June, 1961) (by Dirk Meerkotter)



“Art & Artists of South Africa” (Berman) (Southern Book Publishers), 1994 – ISBN 1 86812 345 6 – listed under “Professional Artists” p. 524





Bill Slattery in 1970









Brief  c.v.



William G. (Bill) Slattery, born in Boksburg, South Africa on 16th February, 1929, attended Technical College, Johannesburg 1943/45,

apprenticed as turner and fitter at Wit Nigel Gold Mines from 1946/47, attended evening classes in drawing and painting in Johannesburg 1948/50,

worked for a number of advertising agencies in Johannesburg, obtained a bursary to study in Vienna.


Bill Slattery emigrated in 1951, studied at the University Academy for Applied Arts, Vienna from 1951 to 1953; worked as an art director for

Brunner, Bodmer & Co., Zurich from 1953 to 1956, designed children’s books, produced his first gouaches and collages.


After seeing Bill Slattery’s works in Vienna in 1955, Bob Adams of Burke, Dowling Adams, in Atlanta invited the artist to join as

graphic designer for a series of posters for Delta Airlines which were completed in 1957 and displayed around the USA until 1961.


Bill Slattery obtained 13 gold medals from the “Art Directors Club” New York; in 1957 he was appointed Director of the

Graphics Department of the Atlanta Art Institute.


1959 Bill Slattery returned to Europe – see further full details 1929-1970 on this link!


Bill Slattery was married to the artist Herta Hofer; he died on 5th October, 1997 in Vienna and is survived by their children Maja and Mark.

His only brother Eugene Michael Slattery died in 2013.








Exhibition in South Africa



1961 Whippman’s Gallery, Johannesburg (26 woodcuts and 2 lithographs) (opened by Cecil Skotnes on 7th June, 1961)








Selected Exhibitions Overseas



1958 - Atlanta USA – solo exhibition (ink drawings, etchings, woodcuts, serigraphy, collages)


1970 - Lugano – 1st solo of sculptures


1982 - Vienna – Wiener Secession (Friedrichstrasse): „Künstler die kamen und blieben“ – 25th November to 30th December

„Bill Slattery“(work catalogue) (1970) (own publication) - link to description of works 1-63



Plakat – Österreichs Werberundschau 1955, Heft 5/6 (Floridus Verlag), (Slattery, Bill – Schweiz. Kinderbuch Illustrationen, S.71)



Novum Gebrauchsgraphik – Magazin für visuelle Kommunikation – 5/88 - „Bill Slattery“by Stefan Seilern - pp.34-39 ill.



"Weitere Künstler und Künstlerinnen der geometrischen Abstraktion in Wien" - listed on this link


Three sculptures by Bill Slattery from 1970 illustrated in „Bill Slattery“(work catalogue) (1970) (own publication) -

link to description of works 1-63











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