"Il direttore d'orchestra" 1989/1990 - collage (illustrated in "Alison Roux" by Carlo Nepi - Fondazione Accademia Musicale, Chigiana)










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Updated 21st November, 2019







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Linocut 70/100 22x16 cm


Illustrated in “Art & Articles in Honour of Heather Martienssen” (Harmsen) (Balkema), 1973, p. 143


Included in:


A portfolio of 22 artworks in a cardboard case: "Portfolio of Graphic Art in Honour of Heather Martienssen, Professor of Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Presented to her by her colleagues and former students upon her retirement in 1973. Designed and supervised by Maurice Kahn.

The edition is limited to 100 copies. This portfolio is number 83


auctioned by







Other auction sales



“The Game of Cards” oil/canvas 39x49 cm – auctioned by Sotheby’s Welz, Johannesburg – 23rd August, 1993 - Lot 182 (image n/a)


“Allacciate le cinture” oil/canvas – auctioned by ? in Italy, on 3rd August, 2006 - Lot 133







Selected works in Private Collections



Private Collection, Basel

“Santa Cecilia” pre-1962 – oil/canvas – 60.5x40 cm – auctioned by Strauss & Co., Johannesburg (“Modern, Post-War and Contemporary Art) –

11th November, 2019 – Lot 96

“Three women of Manarola” – oil/canvas – 49x68.5 cm – auctioned by Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg – 17th November, 2015 – Lot 398

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg (The Arts) (Inside Mail) - 18th April, 1970 (“Fishermen” illustrated)

Sunday Star Review, Johannesburg – 5th August, 1990 (“Artist as adoptive daughter”)






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Selected Works on auction

The Star, Johannesburg – 8th April, 1970 (portrait of the artist with her invitation card)

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 13th April, 1970 (“This is a new Alison Roux”)


 ‘Three Women of Trastevere’, 1968/7 - oil on canvas - 34.6 x 44.8 cm –

acquired from Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg, 1970 – acc.no. 177.079








 “Art and Articles: in honour of Heather Martienssen” (Balkema) (1973), ill p143 – ISBN 0-86961-039-2


“Art & Artists of South Africa” (Esmé Berman) (Balkema), 1983, p159 – ISBN 0-86961-144-5


"Alison Roux" by Carlo Nepi - Fondazione Accademia Musicale, Chigiana (1989-1990) (illustrated article in Italian)









The Star, Johannesburg (31st January, 1962) (“Painter’s view of Rome”)

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 1st February, 1962 (“Zest for travel”)

The Star, Johannesburg – 8th February, 1962 (“Italy inspired sense of design and colour”)

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 9th February, 1962 (“Impeccable work by young artist”)

Sunday Times, Johannesburg – 15th March, 1970 (“Alison Roux has favourite dish”)

Alison Roux in 1990 (Archivio del Palio di Siena)








Brief C.V.



Born 1934 in Johannesburg, daughter of Dr Edward Roux, Dept. of Botany of the University of the Witwatersrand,

and Mrs Win Roux, maths teacher at Roedean.


Studied at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (BA Fine Arts cum laude) 1954,

won the Henri Lidchi Prizes for drawing and art history and the Herbert Evans Prize for painting;

obtained the University Council Post-Graduate Scholarship and in 1955 enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris,

travelled extensively in Europe, as from 1957 lived in Italy – Rome-Trastevere and Siena where she settled with her husband, Luigi Pineschi.


In 1989, Alison Roux received a commission for 15 paintings and collages for a book commemorating the annual Palio Festival in Siena.


In 1990, Alison Roux-Pineschi designed the banner of the annual Palio, by invitation.







Solo Shows


1962 Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg (1st solo show) (7th February) (opened by Prof. John Fassler)


1970 Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg (8th to 23rd April)


In Europe, Alison Roux only exhibited her works in her studio in Siena.






Museum Collections – South Africa



WAM - Wits Art Museum, Johannesburg

Alison Roux in 1962 (Rand Daily Mail 1962-02-01)










Alison ROUX