Harold Jeppe with Esmé Berman and Alexis Preller at SABC Broadcast House, Johannesburg, 1964,

illustrated in “Art & Artists of South Africa” (Berman) (Balkema) (1983), p349 – ISBN 0 86961 144 5



1965 Michael Ayrton (Paintings, Drawings) (April)

1965 Peter Haden (sculptures, paintings)

1965 Spies Venter

1965 Berenice Michelow

1965 Douglas Portway

1965 Alexis Preller (20th October)


1966 Christo Coetzee

1966 Geoffrey Armstrong (Paintings)

1966 Rhona Gorvy (Paintings, drawings, sculpture)

1966 "Moderns" Group Show (8 young advanced contemporaries) (including Louis le Sueur) (19th October to 19th November)

1966 Cecily Sash (hard-edge paintings) (23rd November to 13th December)



1967 Geoffrey Armstrong (Theme: Book of Revelation) (Assemblage, fibre glass sculptures) (25th January)

1967 Group Show: Overseas and S.A. artists (22nd February to 6th March)

1967 Caroline Seawright (Paintings, drawings) (solo) (8th to 22nd March)

1967 Nils Burwitz (Paintings, drawings) (solo) (29th March to 13th April)

1967 Aaron Witkin (Paintings) (solo) (10th May to 26th May)

 1967 Fred Schimmel (solo) (Paintings, mixed media) (5th July)

1967 Andrew Verster (solo) (Paintings, mixed media) (16th August)

1967 Laurence Scully (6th September to mid-September)

1967 Lippy Lipshitz (solo) (57 monotypes - Aegina)) (27th September)

1967 Louis le Sueur (sculptures) (1st solo) (18th October)

1967 Ben Macala (sculpture) (1st solo) (November)

1967 Stephen Andrews (end November)

1967 Douglas Portway



Miguel Gaspar, Madeleine Clavé, Harold and Veronica Jeppe, Joan Gaspar at St Tropez, 1967



In 1967 Lidchi Art Gallery represented the following artists:

Alexis Preller, Laurence Scully, Geoffrey Armstrong, Louis le Sueur, Nils Burwitz, Chris van den Berg, Elizabeth Frink (Artlook 7 - June, 1967)


1968 Geoffrey Armstrong (Paintings, sculpture, monotypes) (solo) (31st January)

1968 Berenice Michelow (Paintings) (solo) (until 7th March)

1968 Manolis Callyannis (Paintings) (solo) (11th to 28th March)

1968 Cynthia Villet (Paintings) (solo) (1st to 13th April)

1968 Antoní Clavé (Paintings and tapestries) (solo) (17th April to 4th May)

1968 Gebhard Duvé (Paintings) (8th to 24th May)

1968 Peter Davis (wood sculptures) (12th to 26th June)

1968 Reginald Turvey (Memorial Retrospective) (Paintings) (3rd to 13th July)

1968 Christine von Huetz-Davisson (Paintings) (17th to 31st July)

1968 Patrick O'Connor (Paintings) (6th to 24th August)

1968 Lorna Taylor (21st to 29th August)

1968 Fred Schimmel (Paintings) (3rd to 14th September)

1968 Anton Jensen (sculptures) (18th to 28th September)

1968 Chris van den Berg (Paintings) (8th October)

1968 Group Show (Ben Macala, Ben Arnold, Wopko Jensma, Raymond Andrews, Thomas Masekela (28th October)

1968 Ben Macala (sculptures/drawings) (November)

1968 Louis Maqhubela (water colours, oils) (13th November)

1968 Wopko Jensma (Paintings, Graphics) (1st show in Transvaal) (November)

1968 Ruth Kohler (oils and gouaches) (2nd to 14th December)



Harold Jeppe in 1964 (img.©Esmé Berman/SABC)


See more details on Harold Jeppe (24th January 1899 – 4th March 1975) on this link






An attempt to reconstruct exhibition dates as no gallery archives survived








1955 Opening Exhibition on 15th March, 1955



Battiss, Walter - Preller, Alexis - van Essche, Maurice - Higgs, Cecil - Welz, Jean – Labuschagne, Eugene – Pinker, Stanley – Portway, Douglas

Villa Edoardo – Dronsfield, John – Stern, Irma – Shephard, Rupert - du Toit, Paul – Sumner, Maud ­– Borbereki, Zoltan – Dziomba, Elza – Laubscher, Erik


1955 Frank Spears (October) (12th to 20th July)

1955 Leslie Cope (5th August)

1955 Robert Hodgins (1st solo)

1955 Zoltan Borbereki (solo)

1955 Johan van Heerden (paintings) (1st solo)


1956 Alexis Preller (13th to 24th March)

1956 Robert Hodgins

1956 Christo Coetzee (16th solo)

1956 Adele White (1st solo)

1956 Wim Blom


1957 Nel Erasmus (1st solo)

1957 Johannes Meintjes (Paintings, Drawings) (16th July)


1958 Univleis presents 50 South African Artists painting to a given theme (20th to 31st May)

1958 Jack Lugg (Paintings)

1958 Eben Leibbrandt (1st solo)


1959 Johannes Meintjes (Paintings) (6th to 18th July)

1959 Ronald Mylchreest (solo)

1959 Alice Goldin (1st solo)


1960 Julius Sher (Paintings, drawings) (20th June to 2nd July, 1960)


1961 Erik Laubscher





Joyce Fourie left Lidchi Gallery in 1962 to join the Adler Fielding Galleries in 1963 and Gallery 101 in 1969








 The following exhibitions were held under Harold Jeppe









Under the directorship of



Joyce Fourie


from 1955 to 1962 and again as from 1972

Joyce Fourie from Mowbray, Cape Town (married to Gabriel Bayman, the actor) in 1969, seen with her portrait, an early work by Maurice van Essche


In early 1963 she joined the Adler Fielding Galleries (organising the 1st Ephraim Ngatane and the 1st John Hlatywayo exhibitions),

in 1969 Gallery 101, in 1972 again the Lidchi Gallery for a short period.





Harold Jeppe


from 1963 to 1972

1967 Harold Jeppe with his wife Veronica on a visit to Antoní and Madeleine Clavé at St Tropez, by introduction of Joan Gaspar



1963 Wolf Kibel (April)

1963 Maurice van Essche (May)

1963 Lippy Lipshitz (September)

1963 Trevor Coleman (1st solo)


1964 Geoffrey Armstrong (Paintings) (1st solo) (May/June)

1964 Nils Burwitz (1st solo) (23rd September to 5th October)

1964 Robert Broadley (30 paintings) (November)


Harold Jeppe meeting Joan Miró at his exhibition in Barcelona October 1968 - illustrated in ARTLOOK 28 Johannesburg (March 1969)



In 1969 Lidchi Art Gallery represented the following artists exclusively:

Alexis Preller, Geoffrey Armstrong, Patrick O'Connor, Nils Burwitz, Ben Arnold, Ben Macala, Wopko Jensma, Chris van den Berg,

Henry Meyer, Andrew Verster

(Artlook 29 Johannesburg - April, 1969)



1969 Geoffrey Armstrong (Paintings, sculpture) (27th January to 15th February)

1969 Wopko Jensma (solo) (24th February)

1969 Pablo Picasso + Joan Miró (12th March)

1969 Ben Arnold (solo) (14th to 26th April)

1969 Naïve Painters (30th April to 7th May)

1969 Tengenenge Group (sculptures) (21st May)

1969 Group Exhibition (Henry Meyer, Andrew Verster, Patrick O'Connor, Louis Maqhubela, John Burchard, Stella Shawzin) (18th June)

1969 Ben Macala (9th to 23rd July)

1969 Monika von Moltke (13th to 27th August)

1969 Simon Calburn (2nd September)

1969 Nils Burwitz (24th September)

1969 Alexis Preller (22nd October)

1969 Rhona Stern (11th November)

1969 John Brett-Cohen (Photographs) (8th December)

1969 Henry Meyer

1969 Wilhelm Helmstedt (solo)

1969 Raymond Andrews (Group Show)

Harold Jeppe, Miguel Gaspar and Joan Gaspar Paronella (1911-1996) selecting works by Antoní Clavé in Barcelona, December, 1969

(illustrated in ARTLOOK 40 Johannesburg, March 1970)




In 1970 Lidchi Art Gallery had the following artists exclusive to their gallery:

Alexis Preller, Geoffrey Armstrong, Patrick O’Connor, Nils Burwitz, Ben Arnold, Ben Macala, Louis Maqhubela, Chris van den Berg,

Henry Meyer, Andrew Verster, Simon Calburn

(Artlook, February 1970, p.31)



1970 Stella Shawzin (Sculptures, metal paintings) (12th February to 12th March)

1970 Antoní Clavé (13 Paintings, 13 lithos, 5 col. etchings) (12th to 18th March)

1970 Alison Roux (8th to 23rd April)

1970 Robert Hodgins (29th April)

1970 Viladecans and Margaret McKean, Cynthia Ball (20th May)

1970 Henry Meyer (Paintings) (solo) (10th June)

1970 Doutreleau (Paintings) (1st July)

1970 Ben Macala, Ben Arnold (until 6th August)

1970 Erica Berry (watercolours) (2nd September)

1970 Olivia Watson (12th to 22nd September)

1970 Group Exhibition (Preller, Portway, Armstrong, O'Connor, Verster, Andrews (September)

1970 Chris van den Berg (September)

1970 Elvira Büder (14th October)

1970 Cyril Fradan (4th November)

1970 Louis Maqhubela (21st November)

1970 Paul Rose (Wildlife Paintings) (November/December)


1971 Lesley Temple-Thurston (1st February)

1971 Picasso, Miró, Clavé, Tàpies (17th February)

1971 Cecily Sash (Paintings) (15th March)

1971 Arlene Segal (Sculptures) (7th April)

1971 Karin Jaroszynska (Paintings) (28th April) (solo)

1971 Dr J. Planting Collection (exhibition and sale) (19th May)

1971 Doutreleau (Paintings) and Nina Aleksander (9th June)

1971 Edward Roworth (Paintings) and Gavin Younge (Collages) (30th June)

1971 Geoffrey Armstrong, Henry Meyer, Gavin Younge (closing 15th July)

1971 Monika von Moltke (Graphics, Paintings) and Ben Macala (Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings (21st July)

1971 Andrew Verster, Patrick O'Connor, André van Vuuren, Keith Alexander (11th August)

1971 Andrews and James Coignard from Paris (col. etchings) (1st September)

1971 Portway, Preller, Jaroszynski, Dunstan (22nd September)

1971 Nils Burwitz (13th October)

1971 Louis Maqhubela, Sydney Kumalo, Geoffrey Armstrong (3rd November)

1971 Simon Calburn (Paintings) and Graphics by Robert Hodgins and Jan Neethling (closing 9th December)

1971 Kurt Losgott (group show) (December)







Harold Jeppe left the Lidchi Gallery end of 1971 to join the Goodman Gallery

(Artlook 64 Johannesburg - "Designs on Quality" - March, 1972, p36) (link) 


He was succeeded by Joyce Fourie for a brief period, followed by Diana Lidchi and Rolando Pieraccini






1972 Group Show: David Owen, André van Vuuren, Lesley Hedley, Nina Aleksander, Keith Alexander, John Knapp-Fisher (13th February)



1972 Re-opening of Lidchi Gallery on 7th June, 1972 (“Flashback to 15th March, 1955”) under Joyce Fourie



A Selection only


1972 Thijs Nel (6th to 19th September)

1972 Reg Pennington (11th to 25th October)

1972 Barbara Parker (1st solo) (1st to 14th November)

1972 Johannesburg College of Art (Ceramics and textiles by the students) (20th November to 1st December)

1972 Heidi Herzog (6th to 20th December)

1972 Charles Gassner


1973 “Surrealists”  (George Boys, Trevor Woods, Water Battiss, Judith Mason, David Owen, Fred Page, Melvyn Penn, Rosalind Hertslet, Monty Sack (1st April)

(organised by Diana Lidchi)


1973 Op-Art (20th May to 3rd June)

1963 Billy Molokeng (23rd May to 15th June)

 1973 Marshall Baron (Paintings) (3rd to 18th June)

1973 Peter Eliastam (8th July)

1973 Aspects of Modern Italian Art (26th August) (organised by Rolando Pieraccini) 

1973 Tadeusz Jaroszynski (solo)

1973 Joe Maseko

1973 Fikile Magadledla (Group Show)

1973 Three Artists: Friedrich Hundertwasser (14 Graphics publ.: Art Viva) - Johani Linnovaara - George Boys (until 23rd November)


1974 Michael Costello

1974 Krystyna Romanowicz (tapestries) and Ilana Slomowitz (ceramics) - 27th February to 12th March)

1974 Gianni Dova – Tadeusz Jaroszynski – Sebastian Matta (13th March to 29th March)

1974 Marino Marini (31st March to 20th April)

1974 Joseph Nadel (paintings) (19th May)

1974 Esmin Barolsky (paintings) - Daniel Kovacs (sculptures) (5th June)


1975 Federica Galli - Laurence Chait (sculptures) (12th February)

1975 Olympia 1972 - Pietro Annigoni - George Boys (26th February)

1975 Dirk Meerkotter - José Ortega (19th March to 6th April)

1975 André Masson (9th to 27th April)

1975 Larry Scully (5 oils) (30th April to 25th May)

1975 Wim Blom (paintings) - Franco Gentilini (paintings, graphics) - Ortega (graphics) (18th May to 18th June)


1976 Rachelle Bomberg

1976 Rhona Gorvy (“Playback”)

1976 Graciela Rodo Boulanger (29th November)


1977 Fabio Barraclough (Packages and Flowers) (21st November)

1977 Group Show including Allan D. Schwarz


1978 Albert Chr. Reck


1979 Judus Mahlangu (solo)

1979 Nat Mokgosi (solo)

1979 Billy Molokeng


1980 Harry Moyaga


1981 Homage to Harold Jeppe (June)



By 1984 Lidchi International had closed their art gallery in the Johannesburg city centre,

concentrating henceforth on fine carpets in their new premises in Sandton Park






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