Semi-retired - a trip on Lago Maggiore, Ticino, in 2016

Caroline in her Marimekko dress at Gallery 21 stand, ART5'74 BASEL, in 1974





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Haenggi-Nicholson CM cv


FLORA FARM - The Barry Connection


FLORA FARM - The Nicholson Connection

1955 Pretoria



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Haenggi FF c.v.

Haenggi FF personal

"Africa - a chronicle - 40 years of dreaming" - ISBN 978-3-033-04487-6



This site has been put up on behalf of The Haenggi Foundation Inc. by its initiator as a quick reference to various

historical and educational databanks on South African art and art history and will remain online until at least 2050!


The underlying information is freely available for non-commercial purposes only and can be downloaded – please report faulty links.






The Haenggi Foundation Inc.


Registered in 1978 in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, as an Association not for Gain

under Sect. 21 of the Companies Act (Reg. No. 78/00213/08),

reg. under the former Fund-Raising Act, Act 107/1978 as FR. No. 01 100270 000 5.


Some of its objects were to promote the best of South African art locally and internationally, by various means and to assist in the establishment of

specialised schools for the visual and performing arts, in Soweto and other centres.







Public Membership


By 1985 there were 300 members drawn from all population groups within South Africa and even from abroad. However, public fund-raising

efforts for the Foundation ceased with effect from 1985/6, as in the past the initiator had provided overwhelming financial support by way of

contributions and loan capital. Membership reverted thereafter to the surviving original subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and the initiator.


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Who was the initiator?