"Landscape, Worcester" pre-1951 - oil/board - 56x76 cm - acquired by UPT December, 1951

(illustrated in the unpublished Master Dissertation "The art exhibitions held in the Macfadyen Memorial Hall 1931-1951” done by Jeanne Joubert in 1989)







The Schlesinger South African Art Collection Donation to the University of the Witwatersrand – Saldanha Bay, 1966



George Enslin’s father is illustrated on the Imperial War Museums website






With thanks to the JSG Special Collections / JSG Spesiale Versamelings, Stellenbosch University and the Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, archives!



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To commemorate the centenary year of George Jean August Enslin's year of birth


Noriko Enslin and her family in Japan published the



"Art Calendar 2019"








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University of Pretoria Art Collection

“Skyathos”, 1969 – oil/canvas – meas. n/a – in the collection of Noriko Enslin (Permit 2679/11538 SAHRIS)










Selected University Collections

“Mosque, Malay Quarter, Cape Town” (description), 1962 – auctioned by Bernardi Auctioneers, Pretoria – February, 2016 – Lot 62

“Proteas”, 1967 – oil on canvas - 69x33.5 cm – auctioned by Straussonline, Johannesburg – 17th to 27th November, 2017 - Lot 321

“Still life with fruit, books and coffee pot”, 1960 – oil/canvas – 41x51 cm – auctioned by Aspire Art Auctions, Johannesburg - 31st October, 2016 – Lot 108 –

illustrated in cat p218

“Peter’s Boat”, 1967 – sold by Gallery 101, Johannesburg – illustrated in ARTLOOK 16 on p7



ARTLOOK 43, Johannesburg – 1970 June (illustrated)









Selected Press Articles




Die Transvaler, Johannesburg – 7th June, 1962 (illustrated)


The Star, Johannesburg – 11th June, 1962 (“Roving painter here in caravan no. 4”)


The Star, Johannesburg – 12th June, 1962 - illustrated


The Star, Johannesburg – 13th June, 1962 (“His pictures sparkle”)


The Star, Johannesburg – 15th June, 1962 – photo of artist


Die Vaderland, Johannesburg – 15th June, 1962 (“Enslin boei met kleurvolle skilderye“) (D Meerkotter)


Suid-Afrikaanse Stem, Pretoria – 17th June, 1962 („Die Swerwer is terug“) (Zandberg Jansen) (ill)


Dagbreek en Sondagnuus, Pretoria – 17th June, 1962


Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – (?) June, 1962 (“Full-blooded painting”) (H.E. Winder)


Die Vaderland, Pretoria – 5th May, 1970 (illustrated)


The Star, Johannesburg – 12th May, 1970


The Japanese Graphic Magazine – March, 1981 (illustrated)

George Enslin with one of his works – illustrated in Pretoria News, Pretoria – 18th March, 1964








Other Selected Works

“Malay Quarter”, 1962 – oil – illustrated in ISBN 0 86961 144 5 on p 145



"The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors including Namibia" (Ogilvie) (Everard Read), 1988, pp. 208/209 - ISBN 0 620 12663 9


“The SASOL Art Collection” (L Schmidt), 1988, p. 2, ill.


ARTLOOK 16, Johannesburg – 1968 March – Vol. 2 No. 4 p.7

“Suidwes-landskap / South-West African landscape” – oil – 17.5x58.5 cm – Rembrandt Art Collection (fig47)



"Art & Artists of South Africa" (Berman) (Balkema), 1983, pp. 145 (ill.), 244, 514/6, 522, 534 – ISBN 0 86961 144 5

"Cape Malay Quarters", 1966 - oil/canvas - 41x82 cm - ID E86/136


The Oliewenhuis Art Museum collection also includes “Straattoneel”, 1955 - oil/board - 61.5x73.5 cm - ID E55/132









Durban Art Gallery, Durban


“The Hitchcock Scene”, 1959 – gouache and pen on paper – 35.9x46 cm – acquired January, 1960










Selected Publications




"Wie is Wie in Suid-Afrika" (1962) (Kruger) (Vitae Uitgewers, Johannesburg, p185, ill


“South African Artists 1900-1962” (Harold Jeppe) (Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel) (1963), p.27


"S.A. Kuns / S.A. Art" ("Twentieth Century South African Art") (Human & Rousseau, 1966) (Bokhorst/Martienssen), p70, fig47, ill


“Lerici – near Carrara”, 1950 – pen & ink wash – 24.4 x 24.9 cm


The William Humphries Art Gallery collection also includes “Plaka, Athens, Greece”, 1967, a pen & ink drawing - 61x49.5 cm








Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein

“Backyard scene” oil/canvas – 35x50 cm







William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley


George Enslin on his yacht “Odette” in Japan



Their marriage was then not legally recognized under the laws of South Africa. They travelled to England in January, 1967 where their marriage was registered,

Noriko Enslin obtaining thereafter British nationality.


From end of February, 1967, Greece was their base when they lived on a yacht. Their two daughters were born in Japan. In March, 1972,

George Enslin and his family settled in Aegina near Athens, Greece; on 26th July, 1972, George died from a massive stroke.

His wife and their two girls, Annette and Nancy, returned eventually to Japan.







Selected Solo Shows



1948 first of numerous solo exhibitions held in Southern Africa and SWA/Namibia, including:



1959 Lidchi Gallery, Durban (8th December) (oils and tempera)


1960 Regency Galleries, Cape Town (29th March) (opened by Mr Piet Meiring)


1960 Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg (20th April)


1960 Schweickerdt Gallery, Pretoria (17th May) (opened by Prof A.L. Meiring)


1960 Naake’s Gallery, Bulawayo (opened by Mr Justice Dendy Young) (13th October)


1960 Henri Lidchi, Salisbury (opened by Sir John Murray, Chief Justice of Southern Rhodesia) (11th November)


1962 Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg (12th June to 23rd June) (45 paintings) (opened by A.H. Taylor, President Johannesburg Stock Exchange)


1962 SAAA SWA, Continental Hall, Windhoek (22nd November) (opened by Olga Levinson)


1970 Kraal Gallery, Johannesburg (5th May)







Selected Works in Selected Museum Collections







Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria

George Enslin in about 1961






Brief C.V.



George Jean August Enslin was born on 9th July, 1919 in Richmond, U.K.


His Father, Rev. G.J.A. Enslin, was military chaplain South African Overseas Forces – 1st SA Infantry Brigade – serving in England and in France where he was gassed.

He returned to England to convalesce and met Annie Attwood, a nurse, whom he married in September, 1918.


Their son, George Jean August Enslin Jnr was born on 9th July, 1919, in Richmond, U.K.  The family returned to South Africa in 1920, residing in Elgin.


George Enslin was educated at Higher Boys School in Wellington and Higher Boys School, Stellenbosch; started briefly as engineering student at University of Stellenbosch;

1938 studied commercial art under Arthur Podolini Volkmann (School of Commercial and Fine Art, Cape Town) until 1941; 1946 studied under Maurice van Essche at the

Continental School of Art, Cape Town; 1949 Heatherley School of Fine Art, London;

1950 Académie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris; 1950 sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara, Italy. Returned to South Africa in 1950.


George Enslin travelled to Japan in the 1960s to study Japanese woodblock printing, enamel work, bronze casting and pottery making.

In 1966, during his sixth visit to Japan, George met Noriko in Osaka – they married in Japan in December, 1966.





Paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures