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Waalko Jans Dingemans Jr. in abt. 1960 viewing some of the 60 watercolours he had been commissioned to do of the Kariba Dam Project










In memoriam

Kariba, 1957 - watercolour

“Berg Landskap" ("Wynford near Fouriesburg)”, 1970 - watercolour – 19.5x28 cm (img Catawiki)










“Swazi Prince”, 1973 - litho

“Swazi Woman”, 1973 – litho – img Valkyrie Trading, Florida USA

“Swazi Chief”, 1973 – litho – 42x26 cm – Lot P39

Russell Kaplan Auctioneers, Johannesburg – 24th June, 2017 Lot P39

“Kalahari near van Zyl’s Rust” – oil – 50x75 cm – Lot 78

5th Avenue Auctioneers, Johannesburg – April, 2013 Lot 78

“Zulu Warriors”, 1948 – oil/canvas – 76x61 cm – Lot 67

Christie’s “The Africanists”, Amsterdam – Sale 2421 – 22nd June, 1999 – Lot 67



Straussart, Johannesburg – 7th Sept. 2009 – Lot 132


5th Avenue Auctioneers, Johannesburg – 10th February, 2011 Lot 55


Russell Kaplan Auctioneers, Johannesburg – 11th July, 2011 Lot P62

„The Washerwomen, Johannesburg“, 1948 – oil/canvas 76x78cm

Christie’s “The Africanists”, Amsterdam – Sale 2421 – 22nd June, 1999 – Lot 2

Portrait of Gordon Nicholson, Flora, Marquard, 1973 – oil/canvas – 59x69 cm









Selected Works on auction

Portrait of an Unknown Lady, 1954 - oil/canvas -  img Flickr/Diana Moss

Exhibition view at Marschal Public Library, Ficksburg, 31st October, 1975 (portrait of Gordon Nicholson)


Waalko Jans and Elizabeth Dingemans’ children are David Dingemans in Dublin, Michael Dingemans in London and Henriëtte Louise Dingemans, near Amsterdam









Press references and Selected Publications



“South African Artists 1900-1962" (Harold Jeppe) (Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel), 1963, p. 23


ARTLOOK 60, Johannesburg - November 1971 – pp 36/37, illustrated


South African Arts Calendar, Pretoria – Vol 1 No 7 - August 1976


"Art & Artists of South Africa" (Balkema, 1983) (Esmé Berman), p342 - ISBN 0 86961 144 5


"The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors including Namibia" (Ogilvie) (Everard Read), 1988, p. 177 - ISBN 0 620 12663 9


The Cape Argus, Cape Town - 18th March, 1953


The Star, Johannesburg – 31 October, 1968

Moses Bee Gamatjie painted by Waalko Dingemans pre-1967, illustrated in the Rand Daily Mail 12th May, 1973




Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 17th July, 1975


The Star, Johannesburg – 21st July, 1975


 “To The Point”, Johannesburg – 8th August, 1975


Plattelander, Ficksburg /Bloemfontein (?) – 17th October, 1975










Selected Portrait Commissions

Elizabeth Dingemans, 1953 Cape Town



They settled initially in Cape Town in 1953, Waalko exhibiting at the SA Association of Arts, Cape Town (17th March, 1953),

the H.A.U.M. Gallery, Cape Town (22nd September, 1953), the Gainsborough Galleries, Johannesburg (17th August, 1954).


 In 1955 Waalko completed official portrait commissions in Salisbury/Harare, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.


He painted many portraits ranging from Rhodesian, Northern Rhodesian and Nyasaland politicians, the King of Swaziland to South African Presidents and

Ministers including former State Pres. C.R. Swart - list per linked pdf, illustrated


Additional data can be seen on this linked CV (to follow)


Waalko Jans Dingemans Jnr returned in 1978 to live in the family home in Westerschouwen, Zeeland NL, where he continued to paint and exhibit.

Waalko Jans Dingemans Jnr died in 1991 in Westerschouwen NL.


He had held 51 solo shows between 1940 and 1985,

including one at the Marschal Public Library, Ficksburg, in October, 1975 per invitation card

Waalko Jans Dingemans Jnr in 1974 – photo© by Michael Dingemans








Brief C.V. including Selected Solo Exhibitions


Waalko Jans Dingemans Jnr was born in Gorinchem NL in 1912, son of Waalko Jans Dingemans Sen. (1873-1925) and Henriette Gensiina Dingemans-Numans (1877-1955), both artists.


1929-1934 studied in Amsterdam at the Rijksmuseum School of Art and the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten; further studies in 1937 in Paris.


1936 Haarlem – first show in The Netherlands


After WWII, Waalko Jans Dingemans Jnr decided to travel through Southern Africa in his Fiat 500 he brought by ship from Holland, landing in Durban in December, 1947,

going around Southern Africa on an extended painting expedition until July, 1950.


Thus in 1948 he held his first solo shows in Durban, in Pretoria and at the Constantia Gallery, Johannesburg (28th June) and in 1949 he visited Rhodesia / Zimbabwe,

holding on his return a solo show at the Gainsborough Galleries, Johannesburg (25th October, 1949); in 1950, on a brief visit to Rhodesia, he was commissioned to paint official portraits.


He returned to The Netherlands in August, 1950 and only came back to South Africa in December, 1952 after his marriage in July that year to Elizabeth Florence Hipwell in Navan, Ireland.

Waalko Jans DINGEMANS, Jnr.




Paintings, watercolours, pastels, drawings, graphics