“The Ice Cream Cart” – oil/canvas – 70x50 cm – Stephan Welz Auctions, Johannesburg – April, 2010 – Lot 733






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“Mother and child” oil/board – 60x40 cm - Ashbey’s Auctions, Cape Town – September, 2017 – Lot 172

“Market Day” oil/board – 40x50 cm – Ashbey’s Auctions, Cape Town – February, 2015 – Lot 202

“Landscape O.F.S.” – 40x60 cm – Stephan Welz Auctions, Cape Town – 8th April, 2014 – Lot 216

“Three Indian Women” 121x60 cm - Russell Kaplan, Johannesburg – October 2017 – Lot P60

"Gossip" - oil/wood - Priv. Coll. N.K., Netherlands

“Lady shopping” oil/board - Russell Kaplan, Johannesburg – October 2014 – Lot P173

Edin in his studio

Edin and Annette Currie-Wood illustrated in The Star, Johannesburg, 17th June, 1983






SELECTED WORKS ON AUCTION or in Private Collections



From 1951 in the UK and South Africa, including:


Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg “Artists of Fame & Promise” 1960, 1961, 1963/1966

Third SA Quadrennial – 1964

SA Association of Arts, Pretoria ("Contemporaries / Tydgenote 1963")

Art South Africa Today, Durban – 1963 and 1965

Republic Festival Exhibition, Pretoria – 1966

SA Breweries Biennale, Johannesburg – 1968

Republic Festival Exhibition, Durban – 1981

Gallery 21 Johannesburg “Miniatures by 100 South African Artists” – 11th Nov 1984 (3 works)







Durban Art Gallery, Durban

Hester Rupert Art Gallery, Graaff-Reinet

Polokwane Art Museum, Pietersburg

Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria







Everite Ltd., Johannesburg

Volkskas Industrial Bank Ltd., Johannesburg







"South African Artists 1900-1962" (Jeppe) (Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel), 1963 - p. 22


 "Contemporaries / Tydgenote 1963", SA Association of Arts, Pretoria, cat 8-10


"Art & Artists of South Africa" (Berman) (Balkema) (1983), pp. 106/107 - ISBN 0 86961 144 5


"The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors including Namibia" (Ogilvie) (Read), 1988, p. 151 - ISBN 0 620 12663 9


Vaderland, Johannesburg – 24th February, 1962

Vaderland, Johannesburg – 21st March, 1962

The Star, Johannesburg – 21st March, 1962

The Star, Johannesburg – 13th February, 1962

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 13th February, 1964

ARTLOOK 32, Johannesburg – July 1969 p. 10, ill

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 5th July, 1969, ill

The Star, Johannesburg – 7th July, 1969

Financial Gazette, Johannesburg – 11th July, 1969

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 27th April, 1972

Vaderland, Johannesburg – 3rd May, 1972

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – 3rd July, 1972

The Citizen, Johannesburg – 2nd June, 1984

The Citizen, Johannesburg – 27th July, 1985

The Citizen, Johannesburg – 7th August, 1985

Beeld, Johannesburg – 30th July, 1985

Obituary in ArtSMart, Durban – 23rd October, 2001



References to Edin Currie-Wood as a cartoonist


“Cartoonists and their work” in “Poolmanship”, 1962

The Star, Johannesburg – 20th March, 1962 (Artist edited handmade magazine for P.O.W.), ill

“Companion to South African Cartoonists” (Schoonraad) (Donker) (1989), p. 100/101, 153





Other photos of Edin Currie-Wood

Edin Currie-Wood in 1962 (illustrated in “Contemporaries / Tydegenote 1963”)






Brief CV


Edin Godfrey Currie-Wood was born at sea on Edinburgh Castle, 300km west of Lisbon on 5th October, 1919. From 1940, Edin served in the SA forces – the 1st Battalion Royal Durban Light Infantry.  He was taken prisoner on 7th June, 1942 at the Battle of Gazala, Lybia, and kept in various camps in Tripoli, Italy and Germany where he sketched fellow prisoners and contributed caricatures for POW magazines, such as “Clink” which he co-edited with A.F. (Sandy) Hay; most of these issues were presented to the South African War Museum, Johannesburg.


After WW2 he went back to accountancy; he studied art part-time under Cecil Todd at the Durban Technical College (1944/45), but otherwise he is mainly self-taught.


Edin Currie-Wood was a member of the NSA Natal Society of Artists (Natal branch of the SA Association of Arts) in Durban from 1959, then its Vice-President 1962-1964 and President (1965-1967).


He moved from Durban to Johannesburg in 1974; visited Mexico City in 1982.


Edin was Financial Manager of Clover Dairies in South Africa until his retirement from business end of 1984 to paint full-time; he was a Chartered Accountant (SA), a member of the Cost and Management Accountants and of the Computer Society of South Africa.


His wife Annette was a violinist in the SABC Chamber Orchestra, Johannesburg. The family moved to Nottingham, U.K., where Annette was still living in 2004. Their daughter is Brianna Janes who lived in Cheshunt, Herts. Edin died in October, 2001.







 Durban:  1960 (Lidchi Gallery), 1962, 1967, 1973, 1981

Cape Town:  1964



Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg: 1962 (20th March), 1964 (13th Feb)

Gallery 101, Johannesburg: 1969 (30th June), 1972 (17th April)


Gallery 21, Johannesburg:

1984 (“Mexican and other impressions”) (6th May) (26 paintings),

 1985 (23rd July) (29 paintings)






Paintings, graphics